Buying a Home In Miami Look Closely For These 5 Things

Buying a Home In Miami? Look Closely For These 5 Things

Finally, you are buying a home in Miami, and you’ve narrowed down the search to a handful of listings or less. You’re officially one step closer to turning the key and walking into your new home. However, before you pop the champagne, you’ll first want to make sure that your new dream home won’t actually have you waking up in a nightmare. We wanted to give you a few things to focus on before settling on your find.

Buying a Home In Miami? Look Closely For These 5 Things

1. Avoid a “Jekyll-n-Hyde” Neighborhood

Always be sure to drive through a neighborhood during the day and at night to get a better idea of where you could potentially be living. The mistake most buyers make is doing this only once and during a neutral time like early afternoon. That’s not an accurate picture of the area. It’s best to visit more than once and vary your days and times. Be sure to include evenings as well when it’s presumed that most are home from work. This will paint a better idea of the neighborhood.

2. High Traffic Could Mean Lower Value

As you are driving the streets of the neighborhood, be sure to note if the home you’re interested in is in a secluded section that’s more private or if it’s a high traffic area. This may seem trivial, but, the truth is it matters quite a bit. This applies in particular if you are noise sensitive or are concerned about little ones running around in the yard near the street traffic.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Get “Touchy-Feely.”

If all looks good at this point, you should schedule a home viewing. When inside the home, be sure to do more than just looking around. If you really like the house walk around and get a feel for living there. Open the cabinets, closets, sit down (if there is furniture) and get a feel for life in that property.

4. Walk The Property

Be sure to get out of the home and walk around property lot line. Look around, look at the neighbors’ homes, are they well taken care of and manicured? Outside factors ultimately affect the property value, and some of them may be out of your control.

5. Look Up & Ask About The Big Ticket Items

Last, but certainly not least, find out about the roof and other big ticket items. Is it a newer roof, are the windows impact or are there shutters for the property?  Has the a/c been replaced recently?

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

We want you to be as stress-free and knowledgeable as possible when searching for your dream home in Miami. We’re here to partner with you every step of the way. Contact us and let’s get moving.



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