How Many Homes Do You Need To Look At Before Making An Offer

How Many Homes Do You Need To Look At Before Making An Offer?

When buyers get to the point that they have looked at twenty or more homes, the restlessness and frustration start kicking in. Based on what they tell us, they start thinking that they will never find that perfect home, the market is getting away from them or that maybe buying a home is just not in the cards.

Based on industry standards and our most successful buyers, it doesn’t take looking at twenty plus homes to find that perfect dream home. Most of our buyers look at on average of 7 to 10 homes, and then they start making offers. This is also in line with the industry averages.

If you are getting to the “twenty mark,” it’s time to regroup and evaluate the situation.

You need to make sure you are working with a local professional who can guide you through this important process.

How Many Homes Do You Need To Look At Before Making An Offer?


  1. Motivation:  Someone in the group is not motivated to buy. Whether it’s your significant other or family member, someone is preventing the process from moving forward.
  2. Expectations:  Sometimes you may have to compromise a little bit if you are on a strict budget. If all of the homes in a neighborhood are selling for $800,000 and your budget is $500,000; this is not a neighborhood you can afford in today’s market.
  3. Missed the mark at the buyer’s consultation:  Typically all of the decision makers are not at the buyer’s consultation either mentally or physically, or maybe we just didn’t ask the right question that was important to you. Whatever is the case, it’s probably time to sit back down and redo the buyer’s consultation based on what we now know.

There is nothing worse than looking at twenty plus homes and not finding a property that you like. Based on our experience when it gets to this point, something is off. It’s time to think about the three takeaways from above and adjusts.

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