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Show Some Swagger When Selling a Miami Home!

For my agent colleagues when people are calling to show a listing of yours, have a little bit of passion!

Show Some Swagger When Selling a Miami Home!


  1. First impressions count. As the seller’s agent, you are often the first impression someone has of the property. Make sure it’s a good one!
  2. Be positive. Don’t tell me how horrible the property is, how there’s no backyard, there’s no space for a pool. Tell me what a great property it is and make it easy for me to get into.
  3. Biggest Financial Investment. Although we do this every day, selling a home is often a person’s largest financial asset. Treat the home and the process with the respect it deserves. It’s a big honor to be trusted to sell someone’s home!

When selling a Miami home, we owe it to our sellers to do it right with passion and a little swagger.

If you have more questions about how to have some passion in selling your property, give us a call at 305-793-8965.



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