10 Reasons Why Miami Is A Great Place To Live

10 Reasons Why Miami Is A Great Place To Live

By Abigail Golder

Miami, Florida is a vibrant, festive city that sits on Florida’s southeastern tip. Known for its gorgeous beaches, bustling nightlife, and colorful Art Deco architecture, there’s no doubt as to why Miami one of the world’s most popular vacationing spots. The city’s strong economy makes it a perfect time to purchase property in the area and with new developments still rising, the investment opportunity will only continue to grow.

And though millions of people have looked at Miami as an ideal vacation spot with tons of things to do and enjoy as tourists, many people actually wouldn’t think of Miami when considering places to live in the US. However, we think Miami would be a fantastic place to relocate to. Some reasons include the fact that you’re surrounded by its beautiful scenery, you have exposure to its wonderful multicultural environment, and the weather in Miami is gorgeous 365 days a year. If you need more reasons, then keep on reading.

Here are 10 reasons why Miami is a great place to live.

Business is Booming

Miami is literally one of the best examples of the saying “business in the front, party in the back.” People don’t just play around all day partying on yachts and downing margaritas.

If you were asked what Miami’s bread and butter was and you replied “tourism,” you would be absolutely correct. However, your answer would still be incomplete. Tourism accounts for approximately 131,000 jobs, which is impressive in its own right. Now, despite the fact that Miami attracts massive crowds of tourists every year due to its beaches and summery climate, Miami’s job market also thrives in trade, manufacturing, and finance. This can be attributed to Miami emerging as a major international port.

Additionally, Miami’s construction market has been experiencing a high in recent years in which jobs related to the architecture, interior design, and real estate industry have been benefiting from this recent trend. Over the past few years, Miami has been attracting young professionals with careers in trade and banking because of its job market prospects.

Surprise! No income tax!

Florida is one of seven US states that don’t tax income. And we know what you’re going to say. How’s that possible? What’s the benefit of doing that? There has been quite a bit of buzz regarding the merits of no tax income states and whether or not it is beneficial in the end. Proponents of these states argue that no tax income states tend to be better at creating jobs, and keeping their young workforce from relocating to a different state. With this, there’s more room for growth, which is what the economy and the citizens will benefit from. Either way, your income isn’t getting taxed if you move here.

The Nightlife is out of this world

This shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s only natural that a lively town like Miami should have an even more exciting nightlife scene. In between Miami’s hordes of bars and grills, nightclubs, cocktail bars, and street entertainment, picking a place to let loose for the evening seems almost impossible. However, if you were to live here, you’d be able to hit up these spots regularly.

Heaven on Earth for your average foodie

There’s a lot to eat here. From Japanese to Thai to, of course, Cuban, Miami has food from all the corners of the world. In fact, Miami was named the number 1 US city for foodies earlier this year. That should be enough of an indicator that Miami’s got something cooking in the kitchen.

The art scene is exquisite

Art museums, installations, street art, art festivals, street shows–you name it, Miami most likely has it. And with the Miami’s unique culture, it’s quite possible that you’ll find works of art in a style that you’ve never seen before.

Miami is a breath of fresh air compared to your typical concrete jungle

It’s a resort city! It makes sense that people would actually take the time to smell the roses. Unlike the rapid-fire pace of cities like LA and NYC, Miami is a place where people can take their time and enjoy the moment.

Like the beach? We got a lot of that! Not a fan of the beach? That’s okay too!

It’s no sercret the area has arguably some of the best beaches on the East Coast. But Miami is also home to a large variety of lakes, rivers, nature trails, and paths for you to enjoy. We also have the Florida Everglades, which hosts hundreds of different animal species, some that are incredibly rare.

Purchasing a home is cheaper than renting

It’s been reported that purchasing a home is cheaper than renting. This means that renters spend more money monthly than a homeowner would, and that’s without the benefits of building equity. Contact our experts to learn more about the housing options you have to make the move.

There’s always something going on in or around Miami

What can we say? Miami’s just a busy place. It’s a colorful city that draws different kinds of people from all around the world. There’s always something to do in Miami or relatively close by, whether you’re hitting up the beach, going out to the club, or visiting amusement parks like Disneyworld and Universal Studios. Either way, there’s something for everybody here.

About Abigail:

Abigail is a senior studying journalism at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications. She plans to graduate in May 2018 from the Cronkite School and Barrett, The Honors College. Originally from Colorado, Abigail grew up in a small town called Montrose and she still spends much of her free time in the mountains hiking and skiing.

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