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10 Tips for Property Owners of Miami Beach Luxury Rentals

If you are a property owner of a Miami Beach Luxury Rentals  and are thinking about renting out your property, it’s very important to know that you are obligated to certain standards, rules and regulations.  In fact Florida has a very specific act named the Florida Landlord Tenant Act that property owners are supposed to abide by when renting their Miami Beach apartment to tenants.  (All landlords should read through this Act and be familiar with the rules.)

Although this is not a conclusive list, this is a quick list to get you started on the right foot with your new tenant.

  1. In Florida deposits are sacred.  There are very specific ways that deposits must be handled and you are also supposed to notify your tenant 30 days into the lease where the deposits are being held.  (see Florida Landlord/Tenant Act).
  2. Once the lease starts, (unless you have hired a property manager to manage the property) the lease is between you and the tenant.  Therefore any issues that come up will need to be addressed by you as most real estate agents do not manage properties throughout the duration of the lease.
  3. Tenants expect the property to be turned over clean, with necessary paint touch ups,a full set of keys and in good condition.  I would highly recommend hiring a professional service to come through the unit and do a thorough cleaning.
  4. If you are renting the unit furnished, the furniture needs to be clean and in good condition.  A full inventory check should be made with pictures and both the tenant and landlord should sign this document.  Also furnished means furnished, not all of your “knick·knacks”. So be sure to remove your personal items before renting the property.
  5. Blinds.  It’s pretty standard to ensure that there are blinds in the unit.  At least blackouts in the bedroom.
  6. Be sure that everything is working.  Check the appliances, change the air filters and do a good once over to make sure that the unit is turned over in immaculate condition.
  7. A nice list of how everything works is always a nice touch.  Most of the luxury rentals in Miami Beach have unique appliances, security systems, sound systems and more.  Give the tenant a little introduction over how everything works and if you are not local send a nice welcome letter telling them how everything works.
  8. Do you have a maid service, nanny or car service that you highly recommend?  Give the new tenant your vendor references.  Moving to a new town and finding good references is challenging.  Send them your connections and I am sure this will set a great first impression.
  9. Give them a detailed contact list of references in the building, who to contact in the case of emergency and the best way to reach you.
  10. In the end, treat them as you would expect to be treated.

In this crazy economy many Miami Beach Luxury properties have become Miami Beach Luxury Rentals. If you want to rent your property, there is nothing better than having an awesome tenant taking care of the property for you.  However you have to do your part and start this relationship off in a professional and decent manner.  Setting the right impression in the beginning goes a long way.

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