10 Tips to Help You Rent a Luxury Condo in Miami Beach

If you are thinking about renting a luxury condo in Miami Beach, here are 10 tips that will help you in the journey.

Rent a Luxury Condo in Miami Beach

1.  Hire a real estate agent to help you rent a luxury condo in Miami Beach.  Most owners who are renting their properties hire real estate agents to list their properties for rent in our local MLS.  Make it easy on yourself, hire an agent who will work in your best interest, look up all of the properties, schedule the appointments and help you rent a property.  Why not?  It’s usually a free service for the renter because the owner pays the brokerage fees.

2.  Make sure that the person helping you, is actually licensed to practice real estate.  Just like in any business there are always bad apples and scammers.  When renting here there is going to be a lot of money transferred around, including deposits, application fees, etc.  Better make sure that you are working with a licensed professional.

3.  Be no more than 30 days out from starting the lease.  Think about it, owners lose money every month that a property goes vacant.  Generally speaking when they list a property to rent, they want it rented asap.  If you are two months out, they are probably not going to hold the unit for that long.  So start looking no more than 30 days out.

4.  See above and also know, don’t start too late.  If you want to rent a luxury condo in Miami Beach, most buildings here take at least two weeks to process an application.  So plan accordingly.

5.  Understand and ask about the parking rules and regulations.  In the luxury condo buildings, you will probably get at least one parking space.  As second space is not always included.

6.  Need to bring FIDO along?  Make sure you tell your agent in advance if you have a pet.  There are many rules and regulations about pets in our city and although Miami Beach is super pet friendly, some buildings are not.  There are different rules for owners and renters so be sure to ask in advance.

7.  Be sure to have access to three months deposits, application fees, IDs, credit report and more if required.

8.  Narrow down your area.  If you aren’t sure where you want to live, come to the city first and drive around and get a feel for the neighborhoods.

9.  Most owners and buildings will require at least a one year’s lease.  Some people call me asking for shorter term leases, our group only does leases for at least one year.  Most buildings in our area require at least a year if not at least six months.  Also, you should know that shorter term leases are often more expensive.

10. Each building and what’s included as part of your rent or not is different.  Be sure to know if cable, Internet, and other important services to you are included or not.

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