Archives: August 2009

Should I Hire a Property Manager to Manage My Condo Rental?

With the growing numbers of condo owners in Miami and Miami Beach becoming first-time landlords, the question  of Hire a Property Manager during the duration of the lease could be the best option.  Tenants have rights and prior to moving into a new rental, the property should be cleaned, painted, appliances checked and in working […]

Miami Beach Real Estate Absorption Rates…. what does it mean?

When sellers or property owners call me to list their home to sell or rent, they often want to know how long will it move their property in this market?  Real Estate in Miami and Miami Beach is very area specific and then if condos, building specific.  It always irks me when the media groups everything […]

Miami Social… the new reality show that features Miami Beach

Ok, I admit it I am a reality TV show junkie.  Anything on Bravo will do for me.  When I heard a few months about Miami Social and then I read some reviews, I thought, “oh no, please don’t let it be THAT Miami”.  THAT Miami is the fake Miami.  The Miami that people who […]

Online Listing Sites…. are they accurate?

One of my clients loves a certain popular online listing site (not mentioning names because I don’t want to censor what I am about to say).  If you have been searching for properties online, I can guarantee that you have been on this site or one like it. I am working with a buyer and […]