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Miami Beach Real Estate: Single Family Home Real Estate Update

Miami Beach Single Family Homes 33139 You have to scroll a bit left and right to use this form. Also it’s over a six month period from June 2009- December 2009. Sorry this article’s data recently expired and was removed by Jamey.  Please feel free to browse around the rest of the blog for more […]

MET One Views from the 10 Line Balcony

In Miami, we live for our views.  We have bay views, city views, ocean views and more.  In fact a building can essentially have two completely different real estate markets inside of it just because of the view. I took these pictures on Saturday while showing properties at Met One , a newer building that […]

Miami Beach Single Family Homes Market Report

I wanted to wait a little into January before doing this post to give everything from last year a little time to close out and update throughout my database. Last year in 2009 in Miami Beach there were 179 sold single family homes (this is only MLS data).  In South Beach (33139) there were 25 […]

FAR Reported Fannie Mae to Ease Condo Mortgage Restrictions, What does this mean for buying a condo in Miami or Miami Beach?

DISCLAIMER: This information is presented to provide an overview of Fannie Mae’s condo guideline changes. For specific information and questions, please consult with your mortgage loan officer.  I am not a mortgage loan officer. On Friday I posted a link to breaking news on my Miami City Diggs fanpage on Facebook that Fannie Mae announced […]

Have I become a Big Real Estate Nerd…. or do I just really dislike cold calling?

This morning I am starting my year off great.  I got up really early, worked, ran with my husband, followed up with clients, organized what I have to do a little later in the day and now I am off to a Real Estate Conference ….  Well, not really off to….  rather sitting at my […]