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Selling a Miami Beach Home Competing Against Distressed Properties

Selling a Miami Beach Home in today’s market is nothing less than challenging.  Especially if you are a seller that is competing against other short sales and foreclosures and your property is not a distressed property. So how do you compete against properties around you that are in distressed mode?  Well believe it or not, […]

Miami City Diggs Named one of the Best Real Estate Blogs in Miami

from Miami City Diggs Real estate agent Jamey Prezzi hosts Miami City Diggs, a veritable launch pad for the real estate market in Miami. With a hopping comments section, you can start conversations with people who are passionate about all-things-Miami before even thinking about making a call to a moving company. Fantastic photos, a blogroll […]

Miami Beach Real Estate Gaging Performance Metrics

Image by Jamey Prezzi via Flickr Gaging  performance metrics in the Miami Beach real estate market is a must for Seller’s Agents.  A seller’s agent in Miami Beach needs to “know the numbers”. Buyers are smart and savvy; they have information and market data at their finger tips.  They are NOT going to over pay […]

Pictures from Venetian Islands Miami Beach

See and download the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from Miami City Diggs Posterous Site

Venetian Islands Homes Real Estate Market

The Venetian Islands homes are a great piece of Miami Beach real estate located on a stretch of man made islands off of Miami Beach on the Biscayne Bay.  The Venetian Islands stretch from Miami Beach to Downtown Miami. The Islands from east to west are:  Belle Island, Rivo Alto Island, DiLido Island, San Marino […]

Miami Beach Real Estate: Setting Realistic Price Expectations

Miami Beach Real Estate is often misunderstood by out of town and International buyers.  Meaning many buyers who want to buy in our market don’t really fully understand what you get for your money.  Well, today I am going to shed some light on this often confusing situation. Are there good deals in Miami Beach […]

What my local Real Estate industry is missing and it’s just not pretty…

In this market, my job is a daily hustle and grind.  I wasn’t a REALTOR(R) ® in the days of  “Hey let’s sit in the office and wait for walk-ins, hand over a glossy brochure and sign a pre-construction deal.”   I have had to hustle since day 1. To me it’s not a problem, […]

How to Purchase a Property in Miami Beach or Miami

When purchasing a property in Miami Beach or Miami, every deal is different.   However there is a pretty good standard for the flow of a sales transaction. Here is a quick generalization of how to purchase property in Miami Beach or Miami. 1.  Analyze Your Needs in a Consultation … Some things to consider: […]

Miami Beach Single Family Homes

Since the condo market is currently consumed by cash driven buyers and now is one of the best times to buy in Miami Beach, many of my buyers are now considering purchasing Miami Beach Single Family Homes. Where are the homes in Miami Beach? If you are not from Miami Beach and are only traveling […]