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Purchasing Miami Beach Foreclosures Inside the Deal

Miami Beach

If you are interested in purchasing a Miami Beach foreclosure you are going to have to prep yourself with information and have your buying process set up prior to looking at properties.  There are a lot of buyers interested in purchasing foreclosures and there can be multiple offers and a quick time to close required.  […]

Hiring a Miami Beach Real Estate Agent as Your Buyer’s Agent

South of Fifth Condo Miami Beach

If you are thinking about purchasing Miami Beach Real estate, did you know that it’s probably in your best interest to hire a Miami Beach real estate agent as your buyer’s agent? In the world of real estate there are typically seller’s agents and buyer’s agents.  Of course we can cross over and work with […]

Miami Beach Real Estate Update Condos 01-26-2011

Continuum South Beach Portofino Towers South Beach

Number of current Active Listings: 2543 Highest Priced Listing: $27,000,000 Number of Sales this year: 90 Highest Priced Sale YTD: $2.6 million Lowest Priced Sale YTD: $42,000 (363 foot REO) Pending Sales Today: 767 Miami Beach Real Estate Update Condos by Zip code: 33139:  49 sales this year Miami Beach Real Estate Update Condos 33139 […]

Miami Beach Real Estate Single Family Homes-What you get for $1 million?

Yesterday, I completed a market update for Miami Beach Real Estate Single Family Homes and the median average price of properties based on properties that have sold this year is $925,000. Although it’s a decent number to have in mind when thinking about Miami Beach Real Estate, there are many factors that go into pricing […]

Miami Beach Real Estate Update-Single Family Homes 01-24-2011

Miami Beach Florida Single Family Homes Real Estate Market Update

Miami Beach Real Estate Update-Single Family Homes Number of current Active Listings: 384 Highest Priced Listing: $49,995,000 Lowest Priced Listing:  $194,000 **When I just did this search in the MLS, there are quite a few homes listed as Miami Beach but they are not in the Miami Beach area.  This is why some sites pull […]

Search for Miami Beach Real Estate Updated! Miami City Diggs Updates Search Function

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Since most of our clients are looking to purchase Miami-Miami Beach real estate, we think it’s super important for them to be able to search for the property in the easiest way possible with the best results. Although we have chosen an industry leader for our property search, they have made the solution even better. […]

Best Financially Sound Buildings in Miami Beach

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The above title, “Best financially sound buildings in Miami Beach”, was a keyword that someone googled on our website and it gave me an idea for this post. When a lot of buyers contact us to purchase Miami Beach real estate; often price point, maintenance, taxes and what they get for their money is the […]

When Purchasing Miami Beach Real Estate There are No Stupid Questions

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When I start working with new buyers one of the most important things that I want them to know is that,  there are no stupid questions.  Purchasing real estate in a market like Miami Beach can be intimidating and down right confusing.  Typically after I speak with my buyers the first time, they are a […]

Views from Marquis Condo Miami

Marquis Condo Miami

Marquis Condo Miami is located in Downtown Miami across the American Airlines arena.  This is a picture that I took last year while previewing a unit in the upper top level of the building.  The views are of Biscayne Bay, the Venetian Islands and South Beach. Copyright © By Jamey Prezzi 2011 * All Rights […]

Here’s a Quick Way to Find a Miami Beach Luxury Rental

If you are looking for a quick way to find a Miami Beach Luxury Rental here are ten quick tips that will get the job done fast and efficiently. 1.  Know how the rental process works in Miami Beach. Many owners hire real estate agents to list their property for rent through the MLS.  So […]