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View of Belle Isle Condos from Sunset Harbour Condo

Belle Isle Condos

This is a picture I took of Belle Isle Condos from a unit’s balcony at Sunset Harbour.  Belle Isle is the first island leading toward the Venetian Islands in Miami Beach.  One of the newer buildings on Belle Isle the Grand Venetian.  It’s the tallest building in the picture with the white scooped feature on […]

Miami Beach Real Estate Tips for Tuesday-Buying

If you are thinking about purchasing Miami Beach Real Estate it’s important to arm yourself with the professionals who you are going to need during the transaction, in advance.  I would also recommend to do all of your price shopping for vendor services prior to previewing properties because it always happens when you are not […]

Miami Beach Real Estate Luxury Condos Biggest Price Drops 03-28-11

Miami Beach Real Estate Luxury Condo Report for the Biggest Price Drops 03-28-11 There are currently 439 Miami Beach luxury condos listed at $800,000 or more. 62 Miami Beach luxury condo listings listed at $800,000 or more have sold so far this year (23 sold over the last 30 days) 57 are under contract as […]

Continuum South Beach Located in the South of Fifth Neighborhood

Continuum South Beach

This is a picture I took of Miami Beach the other evening and in the shot are the Continuum South Beach (both Towers) .  These buildings are located in the South of Fifth area of Miami Beach.  They are located on the tip edge of South Beach and are considered to be some of the […]

Miami Beach Real Estate How Much Did It Sell For?

The Miami Beach real estate market is definitely moving and finding inventory for the budget conscious buyer is so far proving to be more and more challenging.  Are the tides turning?  I still think that there is quite a bit of distressed inventory to shake out but only time will tell.  However prices for certain […]

Miami Beach Penthouses Real Estate Update 03-21-11

Miami Beach Penthouses are popular units for our clients to buy and rent.  Something about the word penthouse always makes people think “the best unit in the building”.   Honestly in my opinion, this really depends on the building.  It may just be the highest floor in the building and just average or it may be […]

Miami Beach Oceanfront Condos Real Estate Update 03-17-11

Continuum South Beach Portofino Towers South Beach

Miami Beach Oceanfront Condos are prime real estate and is definitely one of those niche markets that I always talk about when referring to Miami Beach real estate.  It’s a niche market because oceanfront condos in Miami Beach are still very desirable and this desirability allows these units to keep a more even level of […]

Caribbean Condos Miami Beach in the Afternoon

caribbean condos miami beach

Caribbean Condos Miami Beach are located at 3737 Collins Avenue.  My husband and I have recently moved to this neighborhood and I have to tell you, we love it.   South Beach pretty much ends around 23rd street so this is the neighborhood just above it and just south of the Foutaineblue Hotel and Soho House. […]

Mini Boom in Miami Real Estate? Video at CNBC Says It’s Time to Buy Miami Real Estate

Now if you know me over the years I haven’t been the one to run around and say, “It’s a great time to buy!”  But now based on what I have seen going on in the Miami Real Estate market over the past few months and also a lot other market indicators, buyers are out […]

Buying a Miami Beach Oceanfront Condo Super Cheap? Make Sure You Know What You Are Buying Into.

I was just about to write a market update for Miami Beach Oceanfront Condos and then I got off on this tangent about assessments, so first read this and then I will publish the report in a bit. Although we had a major down in the market,  Miami Beach Oceanfront Condos are prime real estate […]