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When is the Best Time to Buy in the Miami Beach Real Estate Market?

Miami Beach Real Estate

Often when buyers contact me one of their first questions is, “When is the best time buy in the Miami Beach real estate market?”. That question really depends on many factors but after being actively involved in the market as a buyer specialist when the market crashed and now as the market is recovering, I […]

Who Can I Hire to Rent My Miami Beach Condo?

If you are thinking about renting out your Miami Beach condo, you basically have two options: 1.  Do it yourself. 2.  Hire a real estate agent. Where I come from, in the Carolinas, real estate agents pretty much only do sales.  In cities like Miami and NY the renting process is mostly handled by real […]

Kuce poznatih u Americi, Ana Kurnjikova je konacno prodala svoju luksuznu vilu

Moji klijenti (pogotovo jugoistocni Europljani) su uvjek zaintersirani kupnje kuce poznatih u Americi, posebno u Miami-u. Nedavno bivsa teniska zvijezda Ana Kurnjikova  je konacno prodala svoju Miami Beach luksuznu vilu po cjeni od $7,430,000.00. Ovaj prekrasni dom Ana je uredila u mediteranskom stilu. Kuca se sastoji od sedam spavacih soba,  osam kupaonica, saune, spa, bazena […]

Thinking About Selling Your Miami Beach Home? Here Are a Few Little Known Ways to Increase It’s Value

If you are thinking about selling your Miami Beach home, you are probably wondering what improvements will maximize it’s value. Here are a few little known cost-effective improvements you can make that will give you the best bang for your buck. 1.  Flooring:  Refinish the hard wood floors, replace worn tiles or carpet. 2.  Storage:  Clean […]

Tips For Reducing Property Repair Costs On Your Miami Beach Condo

Most of our Miami Beach condo owners are not local but that doesn’t stop maintenance issues from arising.  If you are not a local with connections and a network, you will probably need to start googling repair companies. Here are three ways to reduce the costs of maintenance issues on your Miami Beach condo: 1. […]

Pricing A Miami Beach Home To Sell – Making Smart Decisions When You Need To Sell

In the process of selling a Miami Beach home, one of the single most important items to address is pricing. Pricing a Miami Beach Home to sell involves several factors which must be addressed in order for the outcome to result in successfully attracting a buyer.  This is especially true due to the fact that […]

Why Hire a Miami Realtor to Find a Luxury Condo Rental?

Yesterday I had a new customer contact us regarding finding a luxury rental and during the conversation I took some time to explain to her why it is important to hire a Miami Realtor to find a luxury condo rental.  I thought I would share it with you because it’s a conversation I have daily. […]

Searching for Miami Real Estate Listings Online… just how accurate are they?

Searching for Miami real estate listings using online syndicated sites is a great way to start looking at properties to get a feel for what you can get for your money.  But when you get down to super serious buying mode, I wouldn’t rely on this method 100%. First, I should explain how it works. […]

45 Tips To Help You with Your Miami Real Estate Search & Making Offers

45 Tips to Help you with Your Miami Real Estate Search & Making Offers Every city has its own little nuances and Miami is no different.  It’s really important when buying in Miami to pay attention to the details so that you are happy with your purchase for a long time (if you plan to […]