Archives: March 2012

Selling Your Miami Beach Waterfront Home, Does It Have Curb Appeal?

At night Ognjen and I walk our dog around the neighborhood.  We live on Miami Beach and we live in an area where there are a lot of Miami Beach waterfront homes.  It was interesting when we first walked our neighborhood because based on the street curb appeal of some of the homes (hidden behind […]

Tips for Purchasing a Home in Miami Beach & Homeowner Insurance

When working with buyers who are interested in purchasing a home in Miami Beach, one big expense that tends to get overlooked is the homeowner insurance.  If you are getting a mortgage, your lender will probably go over some general numbers based on “general market data” to give you an idea how much the monthly […]

Tips for Buying Miami Beach Real Estate Home Inspections: For New Homes Too!

When it comes to buying Miami Beach real estate, there are a lot of different items that need to be inspected. A common misconception by new home buyers is that simply because the home that they want to purchase is newly constructed, an inspection is unnecessary. We always recommend that our buyers perform an inspection, […]

What to Know Before You Invest in Miami Beach Real Estate

If you are thinking about investing in Miami Beach real estate, you really need to know what you are buying.   Because the act of buying real estate here is often overwhelming for many buyers, it’s easy to get sidetracked on issues that are not important. In my opinion the most important things to focus […]