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Buying a Home in Miami & Completing an Inspection

When you are buying a home in Miami, I highly recommend that you order an inspection.  Yes, that’s right – even the most upfront homeowner cannot be relied on to give you a fair evaluation of the condition of a potential investment property. Many homeowners keep extensive records of repairs or updates they have done […]

Brickell Miami, versus South Beach, Where Should You Live?

Generally speaking about 30% of our clients live in South Beach, 30% in Brickell and the others in Downtown Miami, Coral Gables, Miami Beach and other neighborhoods around the city.  So it’s pretty safe to say that many of our clients choose between Brickell and South Beach. The reason why is because Brickell Miami and South […]

General Miami Real Estate Terms 101

Even if you have already begun to dabble in Miami real estate, you may still be relatively new to the field.  When we start working with a new buyer, our goal is to make sure our clients know what is going on at all times and feel “in the loop.” However, there are some general terms […]

If You’re A Buyer, What You Need to Know About Hiring a Realtor in Miami Beach

As I am sure you can image in Miami Beach, we deal with many different cultures and ways of doing business because our local real estate business is with clients from all over the world. As a Realtor in Miami Beach, in the beginning stages of taking on a new client, I often find myself […]

Miami Beach Condos Luxury Living, A Place to Learn How to Live Well

Earlier this year, Real Estate News channels included Miami Beach in its forecast for the best housing markets, even in wake of what has been called the worst real estate market crash ever for this and other areas. This comes as no surprise because Miami Beach is an area that started recovering over a year […]

Fisher Island, Miami

Fisher Island

Fisher Island, Miami is one of those areas that doesn’t get the spotlight it probably deserves. Of course many of the residents prefer it that way. For many, living in the lap of luxury means living among the best kept secrets and the type of lifestyle only those “in the know” are privy to be […]

Why It’s Important to Hire Your Own Miami Beach Buyer’s Agent (Instead of Calling the Seller’s Agent)

If you are thinking about purchasing a Miami Beach Real condo or home, did you know that it’s probably in your best interest to hire your own Miami Beach buyer’s agent?  In our area it is customary for buyers to hire a buyer’s agent  to assist with buying a condo or home. The best news […]