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Miami Real Estate Rated One of the Top 10 Turnaround Markets

The Miami real estate market is on the Top 10 List of turnaround markets. It’s often hard for buyers to fathom how our market has recovered so quickly, but my friends it has and we are experiencing one of the lowest inventories in recent reports, bidding wars and price increases. Buyers who are buying in […]

Beginner Tips for Buying Miami Beach Condos for Sale

Buying Miami Beach Condos for Sale

When it comes to looking at Miami Beach condos for sale, many first-time buyers often want to start by seeing as many properties as possible immediately.  While this is the most fun part of buying a condo in Miami Beach, it’s not necessarily the best first step to a successful transaction.  The best way to start […]

Best Area to Buy a Condo in Miami Beach Florida

Best Area to Buy a Condo in Miami Beach Florida

Where is the best area to buy a condo in Miami Beach Florida? First, there are a lot of great neighborhoods in Miami Beach. What I love about Miami Beach is the diversity of the culture and the fact that it appeals to many different budgets and lifestyles. Miami Beach is an island of about 86 […]

Two of the Most Important Steps for Buying Property in Miami

When new buyers contact us interested in buying property in Miami, often they want to get out and look at properties asap.  As much we like showing gorgeous properties, that is unfortunately not the best first step.  The two most important steps for buying property in Miami happen prior to looking at properties and they […]