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What’s the Best Due Diligence Before Making an Offer on a Brickell Condo?

If you are in the market to buy a Brickell condo, you are probably thinking of many different details that you need to attend to in advance to making an offer.  Often a great deal will present itself within a moment’s notice and the competition is pretty high in the Brickell condo market.  With that […]

Why are the Monthly Maintenance Fees so Expensive for Miami Beach Condos?

Murano at Portofino-Miami Beach condos

If you are looking up Miami Beach condos online, you will probably come across a broad range of numbers for the monthly maintenance fees.  Maintenance costs vary building by building and are typically determined by two things:  (1) the financial budget of the building and (2) the size of the unit.  In Miami Beach, it […]

I Want to Buy a Miami Beach Condo, Can I Rent It Out Seasonally?

Miami Beach Condos-Icon South Beach

When new buyers who are interested in buying Miami Beach condos contact us, one of the first steps we take is to set up a buyer’s consultation.  During that consultation we discuss many details and explain the process of purchasing Miami Beach real estate. One question that often comes up for our out of town […]

Miami Beach Condo Listing Says, “Cash Only”, What Exactly Does That Mean?

When you are a buyer in the Miami Beach condo market, you may come across a listing that says “cash only”.  One of our clients found a listing on our website yesterday that said “cash only” and emailed asking what this meant.  I figured my answer would also be a good to share with our […]

Buying a Luxury Home in Miami, What Will Stay and What Will Go?

Luxury Home in Miami

If you are thinking about buying a luxury home in Miami, one of your first questions prior to making an offer may be, “What items stay with the property?”  This is a common question and one that may not be addressed enough during the offer process. The contract that I normally use with our clients’ […]