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Record Sale in Continuum I South Beach Unit Gets $2842 Per Square Foot!

A unit in Continuum I South Beach located at 100 S Pointe Drive Miami Beach, Florida 33139 just closed at $8.4 million.  Based on MLS data this was the highest closed sales price and price per square footage over the last 12 months in Continuum I South Beach. Personally, I still think that Continuum I […]

Miami Beach Real Estate Tips Days on the Market Matter? (video)

Miami Beach Real Estate Tips Days on the Market Matter

One of the most popular questions we get from our buyers looking at Miami Beach real estate is, “How many days has this property been on the market?”  Although days on the market is an important question it is not always a complete picture of seller motivation and other indicators.  Often buyers think if a […]

North Bay Road Waterfront Home Sells for $20,500,000

North Bay Road Waterfront Homes

Last week a North Bay Road Waterfront home sold for $20,500,000.  Based on the MLS square footage, this was $1,638 per square foot.  This was the highest sales so far this year on North Bay Road in Miami Beach. North Bay Road is one of the prime real estate locations in Miami Beach and is […]

When Buying Miami Beach Real Estate, Resale Value Is Important (video)

When Buying Miami Beach Real Estate Resale Value Is Important

Even if you are planning to purchase Miami Beach real estate as a long term family property, you should always consider resale value.  Life happens and unplanned events can create a situation where you may need to sell the property sooner than later.  Considering the resale value is one important aspect of purchasing real estate […]

Why Starchitects are So Important in the Miami Real Estate Market

Why Starchitects are So Important in the Miami Real Estate Market

With the elite of the world wanting to live and invest in the Miami real estate market, wealthy buyers are demanding higher-end brands and forward thinking design.  Luxury developers are willing to meet these demands, however they always have to be 100 steps ahead of the competition and find a way to create a more […]

A Setai Miami Beach Condo Just Sold for $10,800,000 Did It Break a Record?

Setai Miami Beach

A condo located on the “01” line in Setai Miami Beach just sold for $10,800,000.  Based on the square footage, this comes up to $3,040 per square foot. So did this “01” line break the record in closing pricing per square foot in the past 12 months? The answer is no. In the past 12 […]

When Buying Miami Beach Real Estate Should You Do a Fast Inspection? (video)

Miami Beach Real Estate and fast inspections

As the sellers gain hold of the Miami Beach real estate market, fast inspection requests sometimes come up. The reasons why fast inspection requests are common is because the inspection period is a big contingency item and sellers want buyers to get the inspection contingency completed and move on with the process. Although we can […]

Miami Beach Real Estate Tips and What’s in the Brand

Miami Beach Real Estate Tips and What's in the Brand Jamey Prezzi

There are many reasons why people purchase Miami Beach real estate.  Many of our clients are looking for a sound place to put their money and also a place where they can get away during the cold winter months.  Most of our clients are luxury cash buyers and often they want to buy in buildings […]

Why the Location of the Waterfront Property Determines the Value of Miami Beach Waterfront Homes

Miami Beach Waterfront Homes

Many of our clients interested in purchasing Miami Beach real estate and more specifically, a Miami Beach waterfront home are not local.  Although there is a lot of data online, it can be challenging long distance to get a sound understanding of our local real estate and why one property is priced so different from […]

Where Are Luxury Miami Beach Home Sales Headed in 2014?

Where Are Luxury Miami Beach Homes Sales Headed in 2014?

Miami Beach is one of the leading cities with wealthy domestic and international real estate buyers who like to pay cash. I am mentioning cash buyers because it is in my opinion one of the reasons our market is so strong today and will better protect us from future downturns like we had several years […]