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List Now? Or Wait for Repairs? Miami Beach Tips For Selling a Home

Miami Beach tips for selling a home often start with should I list now or wait to make repairs? If you are ready to sell your home, but are not sure if now is the perfect time to sell, there are really good ways to gauge if those repairs are worthwhile or not. Often repair […]

Make Showings Easy Miami Beach Real Estate Seller Tips

If you are serious about selling your property you have to make it easy to show. Some sellers have misconceptions about buyers. They think if  buyers are serious about buying the property they will reschedule and adjust completely to the seller’s schedule. If you think this way, you may be missing an opportunity to sell […]

Pricing Higher or Lower When Relisting Your Miami Home To Sell?

pricing higher or lower when relisting your miami home to sell

Relisting a home is probably a bit annoying. After all the goal of listing a home to sell is to sell it. Unfortunately, sometimes listings expire and when it does the key is to be aggressive and get the property positioned to sell the next time around. Pricing Higher or Lower When Relisting Your Miami […]

Three Misconceptions Sellers Have When Pricing Their Homes to Sell

Three Misconceptions About pricing

When pricing their homes to sell, sellers have a lot of misconceptions about the market. Pricing your home to sell correctly is the most important part of getting the property sold. The first several weeks are the most important. You have to catch a momentum and keep it going to make sure that buyers are seeing […]