3 Home Inspection Tips For Buying Miami Real Estate

3 Home Inspection Tips For Buying Miami Real Estate

When buying Miami real estate at one point, you will want to get a home inspection completed. This happens at the beginning of the process and can be a bit overwhelming. These are my three most important tips for the home inspection process and what to expect.

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3 Home Inspection Tips For Buying Miami Real Estate


Hey everyone. I’m Jamey Prezzi, real estate agent in Miami and Miami Beach. And today I’m going to talk to you about three, that’s three, three important things that you need to take into consideration about the inspection process.

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Let’s get started. One of the biggest mistakes I see people do when it comes to the inspection is price shop. Now price shop is a great thing to do. I always price shop. Trust me, I love a good bargain.

But you have to be very, very careful about price shopping for inspections because not all inspection reports are created in the same way, and not all services are included in inspection reports. You want to make sure that, if you’re doing a regular home inspection, that you also include the insurance reports. And if you have other things on the property like a pool or if you have a septic tank or just anything extra. Maybe you want to get a termite inspection. You should definitely do that. So you really need to make sure that, when you’re price shopping, you are comparing apples to apples.

And within that whole scope, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a sample report, so you can kinda get a good idea about what you’re going to receive when it’s all said and done. Number two, missing the inspection. Now, I know that a lot of our buyers are not able to attend inspections because, typically, we go under contract very fast and the inspection process is very fast and so everyone wants the inspector to get out there very fast.

And let’s be real, some of our clients are in other parts of the United States and some of them are overseas and, depending on the property, the inspection may or may not be so important to them. But one thing that I can definitely advise you of is, if you’re not able to attend the inspection, try to get a family member or a friend to go out for you.

And if they are not able to do that, or they are, but in addition to this, you definitely want to make sure that you get on the phone with the inspector at some point in time, most preferably, right after the inspection so that your property is fresh in their mind and they can go over the report with you so that you kind of understand what you’re going to get because, number three, number three, you are going to get a report that is probably going to be very long and very detailed and can be a little bit overwhelming.

You have to remember that they are out there to find things that are wrong or that could potentially be wrong, and you need to remember that there will probably be a lot of information coming at you with the reports when they’re finished. And with that said, at the same time, you also have to remember that they probably will not be able to find everything wrong when they’re at the property. They’re only going to be there, depending on the square footage of the property, from maybe one to two or three hours, depending on how large the house is.

We usually say, for every 1,000 square feet, about an hour, and if there’s any additional inspections that have to happen at that time, those specialists or that inspector will do it. So just remember, they’re not going to be hanging out at the property for a whole week and observing every little ding or creak, whatever. They’re trying to catch everything while they’re there, but you should always put a little bit of extra money in your pocket and plan for future repairs because owning a property does equal future repairs.

And one last big tip, and you know I have my little sheet here, one last big tip I can give you is, if they do uncover something that’s really scary, definitely hire a specialist of that particular item to go out and give a second opinion and maybe even a third opinion because you have to remember inspectors are not roofers, electricians, or plumbers. They are home inspectors and, sometimes, they find things that may or may not be a big deal.

But get the extra specialist out there to give a second opinion so you know better what to expect. But the biggest thing is don’t be cheap, get into communication with them, and don’t be scared by a really detailed report because, ultimately, you want a detailed report. If you have more questions about buying real estate in Miami or Miami Beach, give us a call at 305-793-8965. Have a great week.



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