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Leaky faucet? AC broke? Once your lease starts, who do you call to help?

Once your lease starts who do you call if you need help? The real estate agent who helps you find or lease a rental unit is typically not the agent who can help you if there are repair items during the term of the lease. It’s important to understand in advance who will manage the […]

4 Tips For Selling a Tenant Occupied Property in Miami

4 Tips For Selling a Tenant Occupied Property in Miami

Selling a tenant occupied property in Miami is not an uncommon way to sell a property in this city. In fact, many investor buyers are interested in properties that are already tenant occupied. However, it’s not ideal for every type of home or condo. It’s important to have your Miami real estate agent research if this makes […]

What Can One Do to Rent Their Condo in Miami ASAP? (video)

What Can One Do to Rent Their Condo in Miami ASAP?

We work with a lot of investors who are interested in buying a condo in Miami and then want to rent it out right after they close.  Recently I had an investor ask me, “What can one do to rent their condo in Miami ASAP?”  Here is our answer to that question. Tips from Miami […]

Who Can I Hire to Rent My Miami Beach Condo?

If you are thinking about renting out your Miami Beach condo, you basically have two options: 1.  Do it yourself. 2.  Hire a real estate agent. Where I come from, in the Carolinas, real estate agents pretty much only do sales.  In cities like Miami and NY the renting process is mostly handled by real […]

Tips For Reducing Property Repair Costs On Your Miami Beach Condo

Most of our Miami Beach condo owners are not local but that doesn’t stop maintenance issues from arising.  If you are not a local with connections and a network, you will probably need to start googling repair companies. Here are three ways to reduce the costs of maintenance issues on your Miami Beach condo: 1. […]

When Buying a Miami Beach Condo, Should I Furnish if Renting?

If you are thinking about buying a Miami Beach condo and renting it out, you will probably think about furnishing the property.   Before you go out and purchase a lot of expensive furniture you need to do a little research. First, you need to think about your rental clientele, the overall costs involved in actually furnishing […]

What You Need to Know About Renting Your Miami Condo

What You Need to Know About Renting Your Miami Condo

Renting out your Miami condo is serious business.  It’s important that you if you are hiring an agent to rent your Miami condo that you hire an agent who is experienced in this process.  As a property owner if you are renting out your property, there are many rules and laws that you need to […]

Should You Furnish Your South Beach Rental for New Tenants?

If you have a condo in South Beach and are thinking about turning it into a “South Beach Rental”, the question of whether to furnish or not, is a common one. You need to first think about your potential renters and the overall costs involved in actually furnishing the rental and in the end will furnishing the […]

Miami Beach Luxury Rentals Handling Deposits

Miami Beach luxury rentals are popular options for many of our clients relocating to the city. When we start working with a new rental customer we make it a point in the beginning to go over the details about what to expect during the rental transaction.   Often the topic of deposits come up, after […]

10 Tips to Rent Your Miami Beach Luxury Condo Fast!

If you are thinking about renting your Miami Beach luxury condo the good news is that Miami Beach is definitely a good renter’s market.  In fact the renting market is a sub market of the main residential real estate market in Miami Beach.  Most owners hire real estate agents to place the properties on the […]