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10 Tips for Property Owners of Miami Beach Luxury Rentals

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If you are a property owner of a Miami Beach Luxury Rentals  and are thinking about renting out your property, it’s very important to know that you are obligated to certain standards, rules and regulations.  In fact Florida has a very specific act named the Florida Landlord Tenant Act that property owners are supposed to […]

Thinking About Renting Your Miami Beach Condo? What you need to know about deposits.

Tips For Reducing Property Repair Costs On Your Miami Beach Condo

If you are thinking about renting your Miami Beach condo and are becoming a first time landlord, it’s important to know that there are certain laws and regulations that you are required to follow in Florida. One biggie is how to properly handle the deposits.  Deposit handling is a big deal and according to the […]

Top 10 Tips for Turning over a Miami Beach Luxury Condo to a New Tenant

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Some Miami Beach Luxury Condo owners are not aware of their obligations when turning over a unit to a new tenant.  But I can tell you this, most renters have pretty high expectations.  Nothing is worse than starting off on a bad impression. Top 10 Tips for Turning over a Miami Beach Luxury Condo to […]

Tips for Miami Beach Sellers: Staging 101

Staging is KEY for Miami Beach Sellers! One of my best-staged properties was a small little condo off of Drexel.  My clients were the perfect “stagers”.  Each time I scheduled an appointment to show the unit, I arrived to a calm soothing sound of light music, a cool fresh breeze (from the air conditioning adjusted […]

Should I Hire a Property Manager to Manage My Condo Rental?

With the growing numbers of condo owners in Miami and Miami Beach becoming first-time landlords, the question  of Hire a Property Manager during the duration of the lease could be the best option.  Tenants have rights and prior to moving into a new rental, the property should be cleaned, painted, appliances checked and in working […]

Tips for Miami Landlords in the New Downtown Miami Developments

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In this market, I have been working with a lot of investors and Miami Landlords who purchased units in the Brickell, Downtown/Midtown Miami areas.  Although there is new inventory, there are also plenty of renters that would love to live in your unit. If you want to position your unit to get top rental dollar it’s […]

Should I Furnish My South Beach Rental?

If you are thinking about renting out your South Beach rental, the to furnish or not to furnish is a common question. First, you need to think about your rental clientele, the overall costs involved in actually furnishing the condo and in the end will furnishing the South Beach rental allow you to break even every month or […]