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Miami Beach Real Estate Update Luxury South Beach Condos Sold YTD 11-08-2013

Miami Beach Real Estate Market Update for Luxury South Beach Condos Sold YTD 11-08-2013 South Beach condos for sale in Miami Beach, Florida consists of many different types of properties from small walk up condominiums to super luxury high rise glass structures in the sky.  The South Beach real estate market has been on fire […]

Why Buy a Condo in South Beach?

Why Buy a Condo in South Beach?

Often when new buyers are come in from overseas or out of state, one of the first most common questions is, “Why Buy a Condo in South Beach?” South Beach is a neighborhood within Miami Beach and is home to some of the most desirable real estate in the world. South Beach stretches south to […]

Brickell Miami, versus South Beach, Where Should You Live?

Generally speaking about 30% of our clients live in South Beach, 30% in Brickell and the others in Downtown Miami, Coral Gables, Miami Beach and other neighborhoods around the city.  So it’s pretty safe to say that many of our clients choose between Brickell and South Beach. The reason why is because Brickell Miami and South […]

South Beach a Neighborhood in Miami Beach

South Beach a neighborhood in Miami Beach is often a misunderstood area of the city.  South Beach is actually a small area located in Miami Beach from about 23rd street to 1st street.  It encompasses a lot of people packed into to about 23 blocks from the uber rich to the working class folks. View […]

South Pointe Park in the Evening

South Pointe Park

We live in paradise my friends.  I just cannot get enough of this awesome city.  This is a picture of South Pointe Park in the South of Fifth neighborhood of South Beach (Miami Beach). Copyright © By Jamey Prezzi 2010 * All Rights Reserved* South Pointe Park in the Evening*

South Beach Condos

South Beach is a mini city within itself. It is super unique and it has some of the best South Beach Condos located approximately from 23rd Street to 1st Street and from Biscayne Bay to the Ocean.  This area is super hip and trendy and it is very attractive for domestic and foreign buyers. Since […]

South Beach Neighborhood of Miami Beach-Real Estate Market Update

The South Beach Neighborhood of Miami Beach is often referred to as a mini Manhattan. This neighborhood has a true grit city feel. One could literally live on South Beach (On Miami Beach from about 23rd street down to 1st street) and never leave this area. You could also live in this area without a […]

South Beach

South Beach is a neighborhood of Miami Beach.  Therefore South Beach is located in Miami Beach, Florida. If you are searching for property in South Beach you can use the zip code of 33139 and this is the best way to be assured of the South Beach area.  In terms of geography, South Beach is from approximately 23rd Street to 1st […]

South Beach Miami Homes for Sale

Venetian Island Real Estate Miami Beach Neighborhood, Florida

South Beach Miami homes for sale are located in the 33139 zip code.   The area of Miami Beach that is considered South Beach Miami real estate is approximately 23rd street down to 1st and from the ocean to the Biscayne Bay.  Primarily this area is concentrated with South Beach Miami condos for sale but […]

South Beach in Miami Beach

South Beach in Miami Beach is often one of the most confusing things about our local Miami Beach neighborhoods to newcomers.  Often when I am showing buyers properties in Miami Beach and they are not from the area they say, “I think I would really like to live in South Beach not Miami Beach.”  And […]