Miami Beach Luxury Rentals & Why We Don’t Service Short Term Rentals… Really We Don’t

Although we have helped numerous people over the years find awesome Miami Beach luxury rentals, we don’t service the short term rental or vacation market, really we don’t.  No, seriously, we don’t.

I am being sarcastic because I get numerous requests for this type of service on a weekly basis.  And I have it plastered all of over the site that we don’t service this market.

What do you mean, isn’t Miami Beach a tourist destination?

Yes but you have to keep in mind that our city is growing and nowadays there are a lot of locals who live here full time.  While you are here on vacation, they are living and working in the city on a daily basis.  Imagine coming home from a long hard day of work to a bunch of tourists partying next door to you?

So yes we are a tourist destination but most of the population would rather the tourists be in the hotels and condo buildings that have this type of lifestyle.  Trust me, we all love our tourists but most of us have to be up and at ’em in the morning and living next to a neighbor who rents his place out on a weekly basis can be a real pain……  which is why most buildings have strict rules against it.

What exactly do you classify as “short term rental”?

For us generally it means any rental that is less than one year.

Less than one year and more than six months depending on the situation we can check into it on a case by case basis but definitely nothing less than six months, by the  month or weekly.

Why don’t you service short term rentals?

When I first started out in Miami Beach real estate, I tried to help some renters and vacationers with the shorter term rentals but honestly it was so hard and such a pain to find them, that I decided it was not worth it.

First of all most of the time the listing price you see on the listing is for a yearly rental, so if you ask for short term, the price is more.  So if you are searching for a very specific price point, it can be like looking for constant moving target.

There is never a real specific price for the shorter terms,  unless the agent lists it on the listing and that is rare.

Again,  most of the buildings in our area don’t allow short term rentals.  I would say speculating that the majority of the MLS listings in our MLS are for at least one year.   So unless you are focusing on a few known buildings that you know for sure allow the shorter term, you are usually looking at the wrong types of listings.   Most buildings just don’t allow it anymore.

So I am sorry if you are looking for a short term rentals on our site because unfortunately we don’t service them.  If you are an agent reading this and want some short term rental leads, shoot me an email because I would love an agent who is interested in this type of work.

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