miami beach real estate market update 2018

Miami Beach Real Estate Update Single Family Homes May 2018

Miami Beach Real Estate Update Single-Family Homes May 2018

Miami Beach real estate is very desirable. Whether you are buying property as your primary home, an investment, or a vacation property, there is something for every buyer in this city. Lincoln Road is the hub of the Miami Beach real estate area and where locals and tourists collide.  Miami Beach property is so unique and diverse. People from all over the world and US citizens alike love Miami Beach, and this is what keeps our market flowing and unique fabric of our city alive. The real estate in this city is very diverse and our site has a lot of information about Miami Beach luxury real estate, Miami Beach houses for sale, Miami Beach waterfront real estate, the Miami Beach real estate market and the Miami Beach real estate market trends.

Miami Beach Real Estate Location

The Miami Beach real estate neighborhood is made up of a large island and mini islands situated off the Miami. This neighborhood stretches North to South from the 1st street up to approximately 87th street and east to west from the Atlantic Ocean to Biscayne Bay.  The real estate that makes up the Miami Beach condos for sale area is vast.

Properties for sale in Miami Beach real estate consists of many different types of properties such as small walk-up condominiums, super luxury high rise glass structures in the sky,  smaller cottage-like homes and mansions on the water.  There is something for everyone’s budget and style, but you have to make sure that you know what you are buying.

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