Miami Real Estate Tips Buyer’s Market OR Seller’s Market? Does it matter?

Miami Real Estate Tips Buyer’s Market OR Seller’s Market?


When positioning a home to sell in today’s market we always talk about the type of market the property is in, is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market? This is important to know because we need to know how much competition we have when listing the property. This allows us to best gauge how long it may take to sell and also how we need to price the property to sell.

Overall, it’s really a symphony of different marketing strategies that pull together a solid listing presentation. We want to create an experience, and it’s critical that we tell your property’s story in a way that makes buyers stop, take notice, and want to make an appointment to see the property.

The Bottom Line

Miami and Miami Beach real estate are specific markets with many different buildings, neighborhoods and price points. It’s essential to hire an experienced group, one that knows how to best position your property to sell at the best price in the shortest amount of time.

In today’s market, two things are essential to know. Most buyers start their search online, and they are busy. They don’t want to look at a lot of properties that don’t match their criteria. Thus they start by eliminating properties based purely on the photography, the listing description and any other details that they weed out. If your property doesn’t cut, it WILL be overlooked.

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