Miami Real Estate Tips To Lockbox or Not Lockbox

Miami Real Estate Tips To Lockbox or Not Lockbox?

Miami Real Estate Tips To Lockbox or Not Lockbox?

Miami Real Estate Tips Takeaways:

The decision to use a lockbox or not really depends on the listing agent and their philosophy. Of course, the seller also has to agree to allow lockboxes too. We prefer to show in person because:

  1. It will enable us to make the home inviting.
  2. We can answer buyer questions and concerns on the spot.
  3. It makes the buyer’s agent’s job a little more relaxed and less stressful because there is no need to look for a key.

Overall, it’s just our point of view and the way we service our sellers. Accessibility is important, but we just feel it’s also important to give a great impression when a buyer enters a home. We want to create an experience.

To truly understand how to position your home to sell, it’s important to know the market and what buyers expect.

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Bottom Line

To lockbox or not lockbox really depends on how a listing agent has their listing and marketing plan set up. Not everyone will agree with our decision to always show in person, but we feel it’s best for our sellers.




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