Questions To Ask If You Are At A HOT Property

Questions To Ask If You Are At A HOT Property

Sometimes while you on a search for a property you may stop into an open house or have to run by a property that just came on the market really fast. If we aren’t able to attend and you need to make an offer fast, here are a few questions you will want to ask so we can make a good strong offer.

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Hey, everyone. I’m Jamey Prezzi, Real Estate Agent in Miami and Miami Beach. And today I’m going to to talk to you about some of the most important questions that you can ask when you’re standing inside the home, if we’re not there. Sometimes it happens that you have to go see a property and we’re not able to go see it.

Maybe it’s a very hot property that just came on the market, so we call the seller’s agent and say, “Hey, can our buyer stop by really quick?” because maybe you want to get an offer in before everyone else has time to see it or maybe there’s an open house over the weekend and you just popped in.

We called the listing agent and said, “Hey, our buyer is stopping by.” So it’s very important that if this is a hot property that you get these questions in very quickly so that we can formulate a good idea about how to make a very strong offer. The number one most important thing you want to find out is how fast can the seller close. If there’s a tenant in the property, maybe there’s another six months on that lease and they’re going to stay. Or maybe the seller can’t close for another three months.

So the number one question is: how quickly can you close and the seller get out or the tenant out? The next most important question that you want to find out is how old are all the big-ticket items in the property. I would ask how old is the roof, the AC, the plumbing, the electrical, and also find out have any hurricane-impact improvements been made. Are there shutters? Are the windows impact? Because these are some items that if they’re not already done, you will probably want to eventually budget for them down the road.

Another thing that a lot of people are not aware of is some homeowners have made improvements to the property with a program that allows them to put the cost of that item on the property taxes. And if that is the case, it’s really a lien against the property. So we just want to know that in advance so we can know how to negotiate that correctly for you.

And obviously the seller will need to disclose that.

And in addition to that, if they have a seller property disclosure that would be a great thing to ask for so that we can find out if there are any known, big-ticket maintenance items that need to be taken care of now or after closing. Also, is the property located in an HOA community, because if it is, you want to find out how much that costs every single month and obviously what’s included in those fees. And one other thing that people often forget to ask about is the cost of insurance.

Now this really does vary from homeowner to homeowner because some people just don’t shop for insurance and they spend a lot of money on insurance that’s unnecessary.

But you could get an idea just to have an idea so you have a baseline of sort of what they’re paying right now.

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