What Not To Say When Looking At Homes in Miami

What Not To Say When Looking At Homes in Miami

When looking at homes in Miami it’s important to look, listen and ask important questions about the property. Looking around and making negative comments is not a good idea. You never know who is listening and what relation the seller’s agent has to the property. People have egos and bruising egos during showings is not a good idea. In fact, it may make it harder to negotiate when you are under contract.

“Who cares, that’s their problem,” you may say.

But in the end, if it comes down to the choice between your offer or another buyer’s offer than it does matter.

Some people do make decisions based purely on relationships and niceness. Many sellers have big attachments to their homes and they want someone in the home they also like. << That’s why cover letters and telling a story are so important. Add being nice to that and now we are in business!

In this video, I talk more about what not to say when looking at homes in Miami:

And agents, especially for you. Please don’t walk around and give negative comments about the property. It’s not fair to your buyers. This may be a home within their budget, it may be a home they love.

In the end, when looking at homes in Miami

Enter, watch and listen. Ask questions about the property and save the snide comments to discuss with your buyer agent after you exit the home.



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