who the heck am i working with

Who the Heck Am I Working With?

When you are planning to buy a home in Miami, you will probably want to have your own agent working for you. Sometimes buyers don’t want to bother us, so they just run into check out a property without us or stop by a developer’s office without us, this can create problems. It may create a situation where we can not work for you as your buyer’s agent.

We have particular rules within our industry on who has a right to work with that buyer. It’s essential that you talk to your buyer’s agent about what to expect so you can make sure they can stick with you throughout the process.

If you run into a developer’s office over the weekend and accidentally register with them, chances are they are not going to let your agent represent you in the sale. In the video below I talk about all of the scenarios that can happen and what you can do to make sure your buyer’s agent can help you through the entire process.

Who the Heck Am I Working With?

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