WOW-ing a Buyer During a Viewing

WOW-ing a Buyer During a Viewing

If you were selling your car, you’d take it the carwash, clean it, vacuum and more. You have to do the same for every, single showing. Every time a buyer chooses your property to walk through, you owe it to them (& yourself) to have it staged to look its best. When selling a property, you have to think of your property as a showpiece, take your daily living out of the equation and appeal to as many buyers as possible. You only get one chance to make an excellent first impression.

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Hey, everyone, I’m Jamey Prezzi, a real estate agent in Miami and Miami Beach and today I am going to talk to you about how you can make your property go wow before every single showing. Okay, that’s super dramatic, but I just wanted to get your attention because I want to tell you if a buyer chooses to look at your property, they have probably chosen your property out of the other 50 that they could have gone and looked at.

So you don’t want to miss the opportunity to make a good first impression because if you miss it, they’re probably not going to come back around and look at it when you decided to clean it or to declutter it. It’s just something that you kind of just have to get into the rhythm of because when you put your property on the market, you need to take yourself out and remember you’re putting it on as like a showpiece.

If you were going to sell your car, I’m sure before you go sell the car you run it through the car wash and you vacuum it and you probably put some Windex all over those windows and clean it. Do the same thing for your house. Make up the beds, clean up the bathrooms, declutter, clean the kitchen. And in regards to the kitchen, don’t cook in it right before we come please. Not everyone likes all of the same smells.

This is one of the worst things that I see sellers do all of the time is to cook a big meal right before showings. It really deters buyers and I know sellers don’t like to hear about it because everyone thinks they’re like the most awesome chef ever and probably you are. Some of you are not. We really have to sort of take ourselves out of that scenario and in addition to that, that means no cooking before showings. At least a couple of hours before.

This is one that people get a little bit offended about, but I’m just going to be blunt and that is not everyone likes pets. And so if you want to appeal to a larger pool of buyers, you have to sort of de-pet the property. Clean those pet beds because they do smell and you need to put them off to the side. You need to put up the pets because some people are really scared of cats and dogs and whatever else you might have here in Miami. Tone down the petness or whatever pets you have going on in the property and just make it less than maybe what you normally have. You have to make sure your property appeals to more than one type of buyer.

Let there be light. Guys, what’s up with the dungeon living these days? I know it’s hot. I know we’re all trying to keep the shades down because it’s so hot outside, but it’s very important that you make sure that it’s easy to open up the windows and make everything really light and airy and bright. People don’t like dark spaces. So even though you may be keeping it dark to keep your power bill down. I know I do. I face the east so trust me, I’m in a high rise facing the east with the sun blaring in every morning. I get it, but when the property’s on the market, take yourself out and make it a little bit lighter so everyone can enjoy it. The first impressions matter.

So the first thing people are going to see when they get to the property, they’re going to drive in with their car. Are you making it easy for people to park in your driveway or do you have 5,000 other vehicles in your driveway? If you have a lot of cars in the driveway, please get them out so we can get in to get the buyers in easy. For some reason there’s sort of this thing that buyers will start to do when they drive in and it’s hard to park and, they’re gonna start thinking, “When I have friends over, “it’s hard to park here. “Where’s my family going to park? “I can’t even park.” So just try to get rid of a lot of that negativity before they even walk into the house.

Parking areas decluttered, get rid of the cars. And freshen up the outdoor space please. Just two seconds before you walk out the door in the morning. Brush off the steps, get rid of the leaves, and for you guys that are not even my clients I don’t have access to your leaf blowers and I don’t have access to your brooms. So please clean it up and make it look nice so we can show your house in the best light. My friends, there are a lot of properties on the market today and you don’t always get a second chance to make a good first impression. So please take these tips to heart. Know that we’re always working in your best interest and in our buyer’s best interest.

We want everyone to buy a great property and to be happy with it and if we are your selling agent, we want to sell your property fast. So let’s work as a team to get your property sold and let’s stage properly. If you have more questions about buying or selling real estate in Miami or Miami Beach, give me a call at 305-793-8965.

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